SupplyLogic Base Package

CDR's PC-based system costs $5,000 plus the $300 quarterly for software updates and support. Please refer to the PDF Brochure for more information about SupplyLogic,

SupplyLogic Server Recommendation

  • Windows 10 or 11-64 bit Professional (home edition is okay)
  • Intel core i7+ processor (i3 or i5 is okay) 2+ Ghz
  • File System: NTFS or ReFS file formats (Not FAT32)
  • .NET Framework: .NET 4.8 +
  • Hard Disk Space- 500+ GB
  • RAM Memory- 16+ GB
  • Monitor- Super-VGA (800x600) or higher resolution monitor
  • Microsoft Office is recommended
  • Wired Internet connection suggested
  • McAfee or Norton virus protection suggested but Windows Defender will work
  • NOTE: SQL Express 2019 is installed with the software. The full version can also be used.

SupplyLogic Help Files

We don't offer a trial of SupplyLogic but the actual help documents for SupplyLogic and POS can be downloaded and reviewed. This will give you an overview of what SupplyLogic is capable of and what the screens look like.

MSA Tobacco Reporting

SupplyLogic has been updated to support the new MSA reporting requirements, STARS Tobacco Products Reporting Package.

The latest changes came out January 2021 and include the delivery date for transactions. Previous changes include the reporting of floor returns and the break out of customer returns into sellable and non-sellable returns.

Setting the New MSA Format

  • Open SupplyLogic
  • Select Help, About from the menu to verify version is 2.20.18 or higher. If you aren't at this version you will need to update.
  • From the menu select System Maintenance, Maintenance
  • On the System Maintenance tab, find and select the Manufacturer Reporting link
  • Double-click the US Cigarettes format to view the details of this format
  • The pre-2021 format is "TOB format with Returns (4/16)"
  • The new-2021 format is "TOB format with Delivery Date (1/21)"
  • Select the new format when you are ready to test and send to MSA. After selection, click in the Distributor Site ID box until the Save button becomes available

NOTE: When creating sales orders, make sure to set the correct DELIVERY DATE and change it as necessary to reflect the date the order was delivered. Also, all orders need to be posted in the same week they are delivered or there could be a discrepancy on the MSA report.

Sales Analysis

SupplyLogic has an interactive sales tool that enables a distributor to analyze sales data based on several factors, including customer, salesperson, route; category, class, item; period (day, week, month and year); sales dollars, and sales quantity.

Delivery Sales

SupplyLogic provides for manual entry of customer orders. Since accurate inventory is maintained by the system, shortages can be known at the time of placing the order. SupplyLogic generates a picking document for items to be picked for route delivery or customer pick up. As the order is picked, any changes can be made to the picking document without re-entry of information. As the picking is completed, the inventory is again automatically adjusted.

Remote Ordering (optional)

With the DAC Express app, customers can use their iPad, iPhone, iPod or Windows device to submit remote orders. Review the Modules page for more details about this optional module.

Point of Sale

SupplyLogic has point-of-sale functionality to accommodate customers that enter the warehouse, pick their own products, and bring the products to a register for check-out and payment (cash, check or charge on account).

Click on the following links to view our training videos:

POS Hardware (Optional)

Optional Hardware interfaces include cash drawer, scanner and printer.


SupplyLogic provides for the entry of purchase orders, which then acts as documents for receiving orders. As the receipt of inventory is checked, changes can be made to the receiving document without re-entry of information. As receiving is completed, the inventory is automatically adjusted.

Inventory Value

On the Inventory Value screen, you can drill-down in each Category, Class to see the current Quantity, Net Cost, Actual Cost (PO) and List Price of each item. Furthermore, stampable items can be drilled down even further, to each stamp level.

Inventory Accounting

SupplyLogic provides for accurate accounting of inventory at all times. The base system requires manual entry of receiving, audits and adjustments.