Altria API Web Portal

CDRs Altria API web portal now provides distributors a time-saving method to upload pre-books directly into SupplyLogic. No more tedious manual data entry! It also gives distributors access to review upcoming promotions, and if you buy direct from Altria, you may be eligible for incentives.

The introductory subscription rate for using the portal is $300 per quarter per Altria account. To subscribe, simply contact SupplyLogic Support (, then visit to use the Signup link.

NOTE: SL.NET is also required if you want to import your prebook data into SupplyLogic.

SupplyLogic.NET (SL.NET)

SL.NET is next version of SupplyLogic. All new reports and functionality will be added here. Existing reports and funcitonality will be moved over within the next next year.

SL.NET currently requires that SupplyLogic be installed prior to installing SL.NET. SL.NET can be licensed for a one-time fee of $2,500.

  • Sales Dashboards
  • Prebook Import
  • Product Image Utility (Jan)
  • Orderbook Design Tool (Feb)

Contact to schedule a demo.

SupplyLogic Backup

SLBackup is an optional utility you can use to backup your SupplyLogic database. It can be configured to run nightly, creating on premise and offsite backups of your SQL database.

SLBackup is free to use for on premise backups and $50 per quarter if you want to also backup offsite.

Contact for more information.

Remote Order Module

Want to use an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Windows device to get orders into SupplyLogic? An optional module can be licensed that allows your salesreps and customers to send in orders from their remote location and/or the retail store.


  • SL.ROM- $1,000 + $50 QM
  • Windows Device- $24 QM
  • Apple Device- $24 QM

Contact for more information.

SupplyLogic EDI

EDI is now available for SupplyLogic distributors. Currently we have only the ABC format available but additional formats can be created as needed . There is a one-time fee of $1,500 per format. Quarterly maintenance of $150 will allow up to 50 retail customers access to their orders via drop box and/or email. CDR will provide the EDI service and drop-box accounts for each customer on CDR's EDI server. See the Pricing section for additional costs if more than 50 customers are needed.


  • 1-50 stores- $1,500, plus $150/quarter
  • 51-100 stores- Additional $500, plus $175/quarter
  • 101-150 stores- Additional $500, plus $200/quarter
  • 151-200 stores- Additional $500, plus $225/quarter

Contact for more information.

SupplyLogic API

SupplyLogic distributors and their 3rd-Party Developers can use these API endpoints to create Web and Mobile apps for SupplyLogic.

Contact for more information.